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From Ashes to Portraits

September 01, 2016  •  1 Comment

It's not hard to fall in love with my clients over and over again... and this time is no exception, but this particular senior has won my heart.

I was contacted by Jasmyn several weeks prior to her senior portraits where she continued to arrange her session in Newport all the way from Nebraska. The weather was windy for her weekend arrival but nothing we couldn't take on. And then something very unexpected happened. One motel went up in flames and the one next to it caught fire as well. Four souls were lost that day and over 50 victims displaced... 

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My youngest son and I spent the day in the temporary shelter with the Red Cross and the fire victims. We met their families and got to know several of those who came to Newport to visit and were left to find their way home as vehicles were destroyed and personal belongings went up in flames. We helped where we could but at the end of the day, you couldn't help but feel overwhelmed at all the loss and yet thankful for those who made it. I found myself needing a moment to mentally prepare for for Jasmyn's senior session so we pushed it off for just a few extra minutes. 

We both arrived at the studio at the same time and in my apology for pushing our session back a little, I blurted out... what a day! 

Without hesitation, she replied that she doubts it could be worse than her's and her mom's day.

My heart sank when she responded to my question about where she was staying. Yes, this beautiful senior and her mom were at the motel where the fire was. And after a day of being with the fire victims, our paths didn't cross once.

When we arrived at the beach, she expressed her disappointment about not being able to wear a pair of shoes she wanted as the bottom of her feet were burned from running on the ash as she went back for her clothes for her senior portraits. And she expressed just how much her portraits meant to her.

Needless to say, my heart was heavy in so many ways and we worked hard to give Jasmyn the best senior portrait experience ever. 

Jasmyn, you're a rockstar and we are honored to have captured this very important moment in your life!

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To view Jasmyn's full senior senior session, visit:

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Jasmyn IS an awesome person! Thank you for capturing her beauty and for this wonderful post!
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